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Netsim solutions built with Delphi technology are tailored to fit your business just like cutting and tailoring fabric. Custom layers work on top of the standard accounting layer to meet your specific needs. Global communication tools in your business, such as serial-com ports, wifi, and Bluetooth, send and receive data. It also provides a visual reporting platform with the Fast Report tool. There is never a need for third-party software. It works with identical screens in both Windows and Web environments.

You can have an ERP software developed by our country's engineers, in line with the spirit of Industry 4.0, at a much more affordable cost compared to rival software.

Easy Customization

Netsim ERP operates with global software language methods. All developers can easily design their own screens or reports without the need for any additional training.

Versatile Layout

Businesses store accounting data in non-accounting programs or Excel. With Netsim ERP, Excel and third-party production software become a thing of the past.

Unique Design

Developers! Imagine an ERP. When you open the design screen, Delphi technology and its library welcome you. There are no limits to what you can achieve.

"We eliminate all the paradoxes in your business."

The analysis of your business's current operational methods, documentation of registered or unregistered processes, recording of all captured data as well as data that may not require documentation but are actually present within the business...

We are analyzing the main reasons for your company to embark on an ERP project and understanding the kind of structure you aim to achieve after such a project. Following this analysis, we will reconstruct your business processes.

We reveal the differences between the current state and expectations. We determine how to configure these differences with the Netsim ERP system.

Yapılan analizler sonucu işletmenize en uygun Netsim paketine ve kullanılacak modüllerin hangisi olduğuna karar veriyoruz.


Netsim Enterprise

  • The darling of large-scale businesses, it overcomes every task thanks to its flexible and parametric structure.


Netsim Compact

  • It is a system that caters to SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and includes standard commercial transactions, along with the ability to define operations specific to the business structure. It can easily adapt to changing needs.


Netsim Professional

  • "A package that manages all commercial operations suitable for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)."


Netsim Express

  • A package that allows all commercial operations to be performed at an affordable cost for small businesses.

Conceptual Design

This section is the most critical and requires lengthy discussions in ERP projects. Separate meetings are conducted with responsible individuals from each department, and the correct business processes are documented. It should be noted that this document is considered as the constitution from an ERP perspective and must be analyzed thoroughly without overlooking any aspect. Completing this document may take weeks. As a result, a +100-page document is created, and a roadmap is drawn based on the structure of the business.

After this stage, the implementation progresses with solid steps. A well-defined conceptual design phase includes evaluating options that may come to mind later, leaving no overlooked elements behind. Each time the next process is approached, the implementation process accelerates.

The conceptual design is platform-independent. It doesn't matter which ERP you are using. However, the ERP chosen for implementation should be technologically compatible with the emerged conceptual design. Netsim ERP, with its fully customizable Enterprise package, will perfectly complement this structure.

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